Protecting your Wood Fired Oven from the Weather

How can the Weather affect my Wood Fired Oven? The weather, especially rainwater, can affect the performance of your Oven.  To understand this fully, you need to understand what happens to an oven that’s been built outdoors, exposed to the weather. It’s going to get rain driven at it from every direction, and despite your […]

Building a Wood Fired Oven Behind a Wall

It’s not too difficult to build a Wood Fired Oven behind a Wall, but some careful planning is needed. You’ll need to decide whether to build the oven through the wall, inside the wall or behind the wall. Each method has it’s own pros, cons and construction considerations. Firstly however you need to be fully aware of the safe […]

The ‘Fire and Forget’ Oven Firing Method

There are lots of different methods you could use to fire up your Wood Fired Oven! This is currently our favorite, one that we developed over the past ten years as we’ve talked to loads of dedicated wood fired oven aficionados. The ‘Fire and Forget’ method gets its name from the fact that you can […]

How To Use your Wood Fired Oven as a Smoker

Can a Wood Fired Pizza Oven be a used as a Smoker? We first came across the idea of using our Wood Fired Oven for smoking meats and other delicious things years ago, with several of our customers going to great lengths to build external smoker-chambers which they would connect into their oven, to provide […]

Choosing the right Bricks for building your Pizza Oven

Choosing the right Bricks for building your Pizza Oven Why not build a pizza oven using pressed red bricks? We went full nerd on the question, building a test rig to show the effects thermal shock on different bricks. Our custom Thermal Shock Test Rig is effectively a gas heated furnace with a series of […]