Planning the location of your outdoor pizza oven is a critical step, and while we can’t tell you exactly where you should put yours, we do have several things you should think about before you make the decision, as it will be a very permanent one!


A damp oven will take a long time to heat up, and will cool down much more quickly than it should because the insulation is damp and thermally conductive, transferring heat out of the oven rather than holding it in. If you’ve been wondering why your outdoor pizza oven is taking a long time to heat up, we can guarantee that this is the cause.

If you know the oven has absorbed some water and you’re not quite sure if it’s really wet or just damp, it’s not going to hurt to be cautious and assume that the oven is really wet, and to go back through those gentle Curing fires. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we want your oven to last for many years to come!

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The only sure way to prevent freeze-thaw damage is to build the outfdoor pizza oven into an enclosure that keeps it completely dry all year round, so that when the cold weather comes, it will have no adverse effect on the oven at all, as your oven is always kept dry. If no rain ever falls on it, you’ll never have a problem! See examples of enclosures below.

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Still unsure about what you’ll need? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!