D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit


D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit


The D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is tailor-made for commercial applications, or for those who really want a BIG oven in their backyard. With an internal diameter of 1300mm, the D130 PreCut Kit is a great choice if you’re opening a wood fired pizzeria, or just want to be able to cook an entire lamb with a couple of trays of vegetables at the same time.

This oven is different from the two smaller PreCut igloo kits, because the shape of the dome is not hemispheric. Due to the large width of the dome, we use an elliptical shape with steep sides and a relatively flat ceiling. This keeps the ceiling at the optimal height, perfect for cooking commercial quantities of pizza, but still ideal for roasting meat and baking bread.

Please note that some optional extras can ONLY be shipped with an oven order.

The oven is shrink wrapped on a pallet, we are able to squeeze a few of our optional extras onto the pallet to save on shipping costs. Find these products below. Add them to your cart and they will be packaged with your oven order.

We’ve created a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the process of building your D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit. We want you to have a great time building it, so we’ve put a lot of effort into them to make the project as enjoyable as possible.

There are two sets of instructions; a detailed written guide and a video series to accompany it. You will need both – the written instructions give you details that can’t be covered in the videos, and the videos teach you things that can’t be covered in writing.

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4 Hours

To reach 400°C
using around
70kg of wood


80 Hours

From 400°C to
70°C with door
fitted and fire out


1300 mm

Fits four 12"
pizzas or eight large
roasting trays


1780 mm x
1880 mm

Minimum stand size
required to fit this oven

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