Forged Steel Andiron by Grand Ridge Forge


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The Andiron, also known as a fire dog or a log holder is a simple but useful accessory for your wood fired pizza oven. It allows for better air flow around your fire wood, by lifting newly placed logs off the ember pile which can result in a hotter oven with less smoke and a more efficient burn

  • 1x Steel Andiron, Hand Forged in Gippsland Victoria
  • Hand-made by Grand Ridge Forge using 20x20mm solid steel bar
  • 400mm long, 230mm tall and 190 mm wide
  • Feet hand-ground to be flush with oven floor
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The Andiron, an essential accessory for your Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Also known as a fire dog or log holder, this simple yet indispensable tool is handcrafted by Grand Ridge Forge to elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

The magic of "The Andiron" lies in its ability to enhance your wood-fired oven's performance. By elevating freshly placed logs off the ember pile, it promotes superior airflow around your firewood. This optimized airflow leads to several benefits:

  1. Higher Temperatures: "The Andiron" helps create a hotter oven, allowing you to achieve the perfect wood-fired pizza crust, sear meats to perfection, or bake artisanal bread with consistent results.
  2. Reduced Smoke: With improved combustion, you'll experience significantly less smoke, creating a more pleasant cooking environment and preserving the natural flavors of your food.
  3. Efficient Burns: Say goodbye to wasteful fuel consumption. "The Andiron" ensures that your firewood is used efficiently, making your cooking sessions both cost-effective and eco-friendly.
Forged Steel Andiron by Grand Ridge Forge

In stock