G900 Charcoal Grill

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The origin of our first Charcoal Grill was a special request from one of Melbourne’s finest restaurants. It wasn’t that they couldn’t find a grill, there are certainly no lack of them on the market. They wanted something better, a grill built like a tank, that could handle the rigours of a commercial kitchen. They were also looking to reduce the amount of charcoal and firewood that they were having to use to keep their grill hot.

  • 1x G900 Charcoal Grill - preassembled.

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The walls and base of the grill are lined with 50mm thick Calcium Silicate Board, a refractory material with outstanding insulating properties. This layer minimises heat escaping through the walls and floor of the grill body


Fire Brick Walls

The inside walls of the grill are made with 25mm thick Refractory Bricks, rated to 1350°C. These bricks are incredibly tough, made to handle the rough conditions and extreme temperatures of this environment.


Cast Refractory Floor Panel

The Grill Floor is very special – it’s a 30mm thick panel made in-house with Refractory Castable, reinforced with Stainless Steel fibres. Having a smooth floor allows you to easily scoop ash out without catching your scoop on a brick edge.


Grill Bars

Our grill sections are made with 8x8mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel bar. The bars are welded on a 45° angle to maximise the area over the charcoal, and giving your food those sear lines that you’re after. The grill sections are fully removable.


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G900 Charcoal Grill

Out of stock