Litefill Perlite – 50L Bag

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Litefill Perlite – 50L Bag

We use LiteFill Perlite to make a strong, lightweight, insulating render material.

  • 1x 50L Bag of Treated Litefill Perlite.
  • Extremely light weight
  • Economical (spreads your product mixes further)
  • Durable (inorganic so it won't rot or decay over time)
  • Fire retardant
  • Insulating properties (4x more resistant to heat transfer then sand)
  • Perfect light weight render solution

Product Description

Creating a lightweight render capable of being used to build up the 'shell' of your oven has never been easier. Premium Litefill perlite is the ultimate light weight render aggregate solution, designed for use in thick render layers we have adapted this material to be used in the building of Wood Fired Ovens. Far superior to Vermiculite for this application, Litefill perlite is resistant to water absorption, is fire retardant and is 4 times more resistant to heat transfer than sand. Its fine particle size ensures a smooth and consistent finish, making it an ideal choice for rendering the outer dome of wood-fired ovens.

If you're building an oven that's a similar size to one of our models then follow our recommendations for quantities below.
(link P85) - 3x 50L Bags
(link D95) - 4x 50L Bags
(link D105) - 5x 50L Bags
(link D130) - 8x 50L Bags