If you want one of our Wood Fired Ovens professionally installed we have a network of Oven Builders that we can put you in touch with.
We call these artisans ‘Flamesmiths’ – experts in building our Wood Fired Oven Kits.

Please see the approximate pricing for some of the services that our Flamesmiths offer;

P85 PreCast Oven Construction: $1500*

D105 PreCut Brick Oven Construction: $2500*

D130 PreCut Brick Oven Construction: $3500*

*Please note these prices are only an indication, and will vary depending on access and travel time. Prices are for the construction of the oven kit only, not including the stand or any finishes. These can be quoted by the Flamesmith.

*Please note that quotes are only available if a Flamesmith is operating in your area (see below)

Alternatively we can suggest using a local Stonemason, Bricklayer or Landscaper to build your oven for you. Remember that our kits are designed for DIY, so providing they take their time and go through all of our instructions, they should be able to build the oven to the same level of quality as one of our recommended Oven Builders.

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Become a Flamesmith

If you’re interested in becoming a Flamesmith please contact us.

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