Can a Wood Fired Pizza Oven be a used as a Smoker?

We first came across the idea of using our Wood Fired Oven for smoking meats and other delicious things years ago, with several of our customers going to great lengths to build external smoker-chambers which they would connect into their oven, to provide the smoke they were after. I looked at their designs, and while some were quite impressive they were all seemed very challenging to build, and even harder to integrate into the oven itself. Another issue was that they were almost impossible to ‘add-on’ to an existing oven if you decided you wanted to install one sometime down the track…

So several years ago we started experimenting with ways of using our Wood Fired Ovens as legitimate, high quality smokers. The video below will show you the results of this experimenting. Spoiler alert – you can do incredible smoking in a Wood Fired Oven!