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4 Hours

To reach 750°F using around 150lb of wood

80 Hours

From 750°F down to 160°F with door fitted


Fits nine 12″ pizzas or eight large roasting trays

70″ x 74″

Minimum stand size required to fit this oven

3750 lb

Finished weight

3090lb packed in two crates

The D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is tailor-made for commercial applications, or for those who really want a BIG oven in their backyard. With an internal diameter of 51″, the D130 PreCut Kit is a great choice if you’re opening a wood fired pizzeria, or just want to be able to cook an entire lamb with a couple of trays of vegetables at the same time.

This oven is different from the two smaller PreCut igloo kits, because the shape of the dome is not hemispheric. Due to the large width of the dome, we use an elliptical shape with steep sides and a relatively flat ceiling. This keeps the ceiling at the optimal height, perfect for cooking commercial quantities of pizza, but still ideal for roasting meat and baking bread.

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As with all of our PreCut Kits, we do as much as we possibly can for you. All of the bricks come cut and ground to size, we provide you with templates, CNC machined formwork, a special Trammel Tool, fibreglass dome form and much, much more. All you need to do is assemble the kit like a big Lego set (see the PreCut Kits page for more details).

There are a couple of other key differences in this oven design; 

  • As these ovens are commonly used in commercial applications, we cut the majority of the floor tiles to fit inside the walls, meaning they can be pulled out and replaced in the future if need be.
  • Instead of a fixed-radius Trammel Tool (which can only be used to create a hemisphere) the kit comes with a custom made Elliptical Trammel Tool, which can be fully adjusted to lay a smooth elliptical curve. A CNC cut elliptical dome profile template is also provided.
  • To ensure the D130 Oven is incredibly well insulated, it has two layers of Calcium Silicate Board to insulate beneath the floor and three layers of Ceramic Fibre Blanket to cover the Oven Dome with. One of the biggest costs in a Wood Fired restaurant is fuel, so we have increased the amount of insulation used in the D130 to minimise heat transfer out of the oven.
  • The D130 Kit has two layers of 2″ fire brick floor tiles. This is to give the D130 an excessive amount of thermal mass in the oven floor so that it will remain hot, especially during busy periods.


We’ve created a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the process of building your D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit. We want you to have a great time building it, so we’ve put a lot of effort into them to make the project as enjoyable as possible.

There are two sets of instructions; a detailed written guide and a video series to accompany it. You will need both – the written instructions give you details that can’t be covered in the videos, and the videos teach you things that can’t be covered in writing.

More Information

To help you build a stand suitable to support our Brick Oven Kit, we've put together a detailed guide to walk you through the process. Our suggestion is to build stand walls using bricks, interlocking concrete blocks, or cinder blocks which are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. A suspended slab of reinforced concrete is then formed up and poured to create the benchtop to support the oven. The stand must be built on reinforced concrete foundations - if you're building on soft ground you may need to consult a builder to ensure your foundations are adequate.
1. Unboxing and Overview
2. Under Floor Insulation
3. Laying the Floor Tiles
4. Building the Brick Dome Pt1
5. Building the Brick Dome Pt2
6. Building the Brick Dome Pt3
7. Building the Brick Dome Pt4
8. Fitting the Flue Gallery
9. Insulating the Dome
10. Fitting a Granite Landing
11. Rendering the Dome
12. Finishing the Stand
1. Installing the Flue
2. Curing Fires
3. Understanding Cracking
4. Painting the Flue Gallery
5. Sealing the Oven Dome

If your installation involves anything more complex than the basic setup that we provide in the kit, you must engage a suitably qualified plumber to supply and install the flue for you. Your local fireplace store will have several professionals they can recommend. Your oven can reach extreme temperatures, to the point where the flue glows orange.

This is extremely important. If you install your own flue system and your oven somehow causes a catastrophic fire, your home insurance cover may be null and void. Put this in the same category as working with high voltage electricity - the risks outweigh the rewards. Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber.

We have been manufacturing our Wood Fired Oven Kits in Australia since 2011, and over time we have built up a list of professional tradesmen that we trust enough to recommend to our customers around Australia.

At this point in time we are only just beginning to sell our Wood Fired Oven Kits in Canada and have not yet begun the process of finding and evaluating professionals that we can recommend to you.

That being said, any good landscaper, bricklayer, stonemason or handyman will be able to assemble our Brick Oven Kits to the same level of quality that we do. After all, the kits are designed to be built by DIYers with no prior experience in bricklaying!

If you’ve decided that you’d love one of our Ovens, but really don’t want to build it yourself, then we recommend you speak to family and friends to find a local landscaper/bricklayer/stonemason that they trust to take their time and do a good quality job. The key is that they must read all of the instructions, and watch all of the videos.

If you’ve had your oven built for you by a local professional and think they would be a good fit for our list of Professional Installers then we would love to hear from you. We’re sorry that we don’t have a list of recommended Oven Builders in Canada just yet, but please know that we’re working on it!

As an engineer, I love to draw using CAD (Computer Aided Design). If you share my love for this wonder of the computer age that we find ourselves in, you might enjoy some of the files linked below. For simplicity I have exported a version of each model in Rhino, Sketchup and STEP, which is a format that can be imported into almost every CAD program out there.

The drawings are 3D models bundled into ZIP files; each ZIP file contains three versions of the drawing in the file types listed above.

There are also some very handy PDF files linked below that we hope you will find useful.



Our Wood Fired Oven kits are packed into heavy duty timber crates, perfect for the rigors of a trip across Canada. We can arrange for Curbside Delivery of the Oven Kit to the foot of your driveway throughout most of Canada – please Contact Us for a quote!

Alternatively we can deliver your Oven Kit to a nearby freight depot, where they will load your kit into your trailer or pickup. Then when you get home, you just pop the crate open while it’s still in the trailer and unload each component by hand.

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