Ryan has built an outstanding D105 Brick Oven in his beautiful property in Tuerong, Victoria. Not satisfied to stop there, he also built a beautiful cedar-lined cold smoker next to it, and set up one of our Ring of FirePits to keep his guests toasty warm.

“This is the third kit pizza oven I have built over a few homes/years – though the first designed from Ben and his team. It will also be the only type I’ll ever buy again! There is daylight between this oven and the other ones I have built.

We are rapt with the result in the oven and cook everything in it from pizzas, through to roasts (chicken, beef, lamb), lasagnes – though our favourite is possibly using it as a slow cooker (the day after a traditional Sunday cookup) where we often slow cook for an easy dinner the night after – osso bocco, corn beefs, curries etc. In our previous ovens using the oven the day after was a non-event as the insulation and build of the oven meant the temp of the oven wasn’t able to cook in – this isn’t the case with The Melbourne Firebrick Oven as it holds a staggering amount of heat in the oven for a few days – well after the fire has gone out.  

Given I’m not a bricky (far from it!!), I found the instructions (both printed & video) particularly useful being able to refer to them while building the oven was invaluable. A few times I also had to pick up the phone to clarify my understanding of certain steps and both Ben and Marcus where very willing to offer advice to a complete novice bricklayer such as myself – knowing this support was available was peace of mind. I can wait to build another one in the near future!”

Ryan – Benton Rise Farm

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