How To Clean Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A Wood Fired Oven makes a beautiful centerpiece for your back yard, and while some find a little bit of smoke buildup on the face of the oven adds a nice, authentic patina to the oven, others would prefer to keep it as clean as possible. This oven is in Oregon USA, and we specifically asked the customer not to clean the brickwork at all, as it was VERY sooty and gave us a good example of how an oven can be cleaned up. By the way – the amount of soot on the face of this oven is what happens when you fire the oven without a flue on it to draw the smoke properly!

Once the soot (or more correctly, creosote) has attached itself to the surface of the firebrick, it’s quite difficult to fully remove, but we can remove a great deal of it. In this video we give you some guidance as to how to do that effectively. We also show you how to remove oil stains from the floor of the oven, keeping it looking great for years and years to come.