There are lots of different methods you could use to fire up your Wood Fired Oven! This is currently our favorite, one that we developed over the past ten years as we’ve talked to loads of dedicated wood fired oven aficionados. The ‘Fire and Forget’ method gets its name from the fact that you can light it and let it burn, with no further input needed from you.

We get asked quite often if it’s possible to fit a gas burner to our Ovens. Usually the customer is looking for a simple, easy way to get the oven up to temperature, ideally at the push of a button. The Fire and Forget method makes this possible, you can get the fire set up days in advance, without lighting it. Then, allowing for the heat-up time of your particular oven, all that is needed is a match. Light it, and walk away.

*While we call it the Fire and Forget Method, please don’t actually forget about it! A responsible adult should be monitoring the oven at all times to ensure hot embers don’t fall out and start an unintended fire!