Customer Testimonials

We believe our oven kits and the customer service that we offer is the best on the market but don’t take our word for it! See below some of the feedback that we have received since we were founded in 2011, and you’ll get a better understanding of who we are as a company, and what you can expect from us as a customer. We take great pride in manufacturing a quality product, but we take even more pride in caring for our customers with the best possible support.

We have something we say to almost every customer; “The videos will be really helpful in building your kit, as will the written instructions, so make sure you go through those in detail. However, if you have any questions along the way, please call us. Phone support is part of what you’re paying for and we take it very seriously. We have a heavily vested interest in you having a good experience – if you do, you’ll recommend it to your friends.”


Lake Oswego, Oregon

Why did you choose one of our ovens?

“I wanted something that would last for 25 years or longer, something that would be there for the long haul.”


Portland, Oregon

What made you buy our oven?

“The combination of text and videos you put together made it [the build process] a lot less intimidating.”


Los Angeles, California

How did you find the ordering process?

“Pretty simple. You send an email, you get an invoice, you give your credit card, and that’s the end of it.
So, welcome to America.”


Hacienda Heights, California

Why did you buy one of our kits?

“The fact that you had everything precut and pre planned… to me the biggest thing is support, to have someone I can ask questions and get the right information.”


Brush Prairie, Washington

What are your thoughts about the quality?

“The quality of it is great, I love working with it, I love cooking in it, and it’s just a ton of fun to use.”

I found Ben and the team at The Melbourne Fire Brick Company to be extremely helpful and responsive to my questions. The written instructions and online video make building the P85 easy due to how comprehensive they are. I am an accountant by trade and have very limited construction experience which was not an issue given the level of detail in the building instructions. I would recommend to anyone who is contemplating building a wood fired oven to seriously consider the Melbourne Fire Brick Company products. If I could give 6 stars I would!!!!!

The quality and design of my D105 has absolutely impressed the heck out of me. Not only does it look fantastic, but it works very well. I love how I can cook pizzas one night, and slow cook with it for the next 2 days with the left over heat. Cooking pizza is awesome, 90 seconds and it’s done to perfection! The service from The Fire Brick Company has been some of the best I have ever experienced before and is almost unheard of these days. So well done Ben and Kate. The whole process from ordering the oven, building it, then using the finished product and beyond has been a very cool experience. If you are looking around for a pizza oven, I can confidently recommend these guys you won’t be disappointed.

This product and the backup support provided from this team means even without any bricklaying experience I have been able to build an amazing, professional looking wood fired oven. I have learned over the last two years since I built it that this is so much more than a pizza oven. I can’t recommend this oven and the customer service more. Thank you.

From start to finish the whole process was made easy and enjoyable with the friendly staff and the clear video instructions.
Thanks Ben

Couldn’t recommend this highly enough, if you are looking for top quality in a pizza oven DIY build.
Purchased a D105 brick oven kit last year, and completely built it myself (no prior experience whatsoever). Videos/instructions are completely comprehensive, quality is brilliant, and the finished product was outstanding.
Marcus, Ben and the team were tireless in their support (though you barely need it).

I am just reaching out to say thanks for the excellent pizza oven kit. I took delivery last year and slowly built it over several months – now that it’s over I am kind of disappointed.

Anyway the kit was excellent, the materials were provided in perfect quantities. I even have left over castable which I am planning to use with the formwork to create an inner door lining for the oven door held apart with stainless bolts. I will send photos when done.

The thermal properties of the oven are brilliant, the oven holds temperature beautifully and I am amazed how an internal wall of 250 degrees C can be completely cold to the touch outside.

I am planning to dress up my creation over the coming weeks – I do like the idea of building up the base of the oven and dressing it all in stone.

I should have taken some shots of the whole lamb we slow cooked in there for Easter. It was a great departure from the usual Greek recipe of cooking over a spit. Those YouTube videos were fantastic. I found them to be an enormous help. Great work and thanks.

Fantastic range of products from pizza ovens and tools to braziers. Great service from Ben.

Can’t say enough great things about the fire brick co. I shopped for long time for the right oven, and just couldn’t get past how beautiful these ovens were, so I ordered a P85.

The quality of the kit is amazing, and the instructions and videos make you feel like Ben is an old friend. Its obvious the passion this crew has for their product. The oven is easy to make look professionally built, and the performance is outstanding.

I built the oven with my 4 year old daughter who loves telling everyone who comes over how we built it, and the kids demand we fire it up every weekend at least. I haven’t finished the stand tiling or final dome color, but couldn’t wait to leave a review. Thank you fire brick co for the memories and experience, and I cant wait to build another one.

110% Happy with our dealings with these guys. We couldn’t have asked for better service, and these guys went above and beyond to deal with us.

I highly recommend the Fire Brick Company. The YouTube Videos especially, combined with the comprehensive instructions made the build easy for an outstanding oven that will stand for many years to come.

Ben and the team have created an extraordinary product that exceeds all of our expectations. The process was easy to follow (I am not a ‘handy’ person by nature) and absolutely enjoyable for our entire family from beginning to end.

I purchased a D105 pre-cut kit from Melbourne Fire Brick Company and am so pleased I did. I have friends who have used the clay over sand method and they have had to do the project more than once to get it right! As a first time oven builder, using the kit was straightforward and gave such great results. I am truly thrilled and Ben provided excellent support during the process to help ensure it all came out right. Thanks guys, great product!

I am extremely happy with the entire experience of building my own precast oven. The videos and written instructions are excellent, and whenever I had any questions or concerns, I got very quick responses that very quickly put my mind at ease. The quality of the materials is outstanding.

Brilliant product. Very clever design. Well thought out, and great service from start to finish. Well done!

Couldn’t be happier, I’ve never laid a brick in my life but with the instructions/videos and a bit of care and double checking the build was not difficult at all and the results are beautiful. The staff were extremely helpful, Ben and Dennis went above and beyond to help me through any queries I had with quick responses. The pizza oven is fun to use and great for entertaining.

I always wanted a wood oven and did a lot of research before settling on The Melbourne Fire Brick Company. I chose their product as they have the most comprehensive DIY kits on the market that enable even modestly talented handpersons to create an amazing professional looking oven that is guaranteed to work. The instructions are clear, concise, easy to follow and backed with a full set of videos that make the job even easier. I chose the P85 Precast oven kit as it is a great size, heats up quickly and was so simple to build. The before and after sales service was excellent and any questions I had were happily answered quickly and helpfully. I found the service and attitude from both Ben and Dennis to be very down to earth professional, they know what they’re on about and Ben has such an obvious passion for his products. I just had a very successful cook up to feed some family and they all want me to build them a Pizza Oven now!

Best oven for the $$$ on the market. This company has thought of everything to make this an easy process and fun project to build. Oh, and it makes great pizza too.

Received my D105 last week and really enjoying the Challenge. Have found Ben very approachable to answer any questions and he’s genuinely ready to assist and is truly passionate to help me achieve the best result. Could not recommend this company highly enough. Well done Ben. Boom

Fantastic products with very useful and informative instructions. Very happy with my new oven

To Ben and the Melbourne Fire Brick Company, A very big thank you. After years of thinking about getting a pizza oven, and throughout that time considering the alternative styles, designs, kits and contractor builders, we are delighted that we ended up finding you and your product. Between your “how to” video library, and your written instructions, the build was singularly the most rewarding and trouble-free home improvement project. Particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. But I must say that the one aspect of the whole experience that you failed to fully articulate in your broadcasts, it just how much fun it is to build the oven. We had a ball following your watching (an re-watching, and…..) your video instructions. (Have you got a Netflix gig yet?) Again, a big thank you. Ian & Debbie

Awesome kit! I am the worlds most novice person when it comes to building and working with tools and have never taken on a project of this type before. The P85 kit is designed brilliantly and so much fun to put together, online videos are also extremely helpful. Fired up for the first time last night and couldn’t be happier with the overall finished product, for the first run the pizzas were very tasty and the oven heated up to temp within 1.5 hours. Ben was very responsive and available during build to answer any questions. Cant recommend highly enough!

Brilliant! A very good company to deal with. Owner Ben is patient and kind when answering questions. After sales service is excellent as well. YouTube videos and an E-manual make construction a pleasure. I’m happy to highly recommend The Fire Brick Company.

I looked long, far and wide trying to find this oven. Hands down, the most amazing pizza oven you will ever find. The precision cut bricks, meticulous plans and personal attention is worth far more than you pay for the kit. Make sure you watch the videos, they are absolutely priceless. If you want the best wood fired pizza oven available, do NOT go past these guys.

Fantastic service and communication from Ben and the team. The pizza oven is absolutely brilliant and was easy to construct following the instructions and videos. We use our oven heaps and would recommend it along with all products available from the guys. Keep up the good work

The precast oven kit was, so far as such a thing could be, a dream to put together. Every step followed nicely from the next and the owner’s youtube videos are extremely helpful. Not only have I built a beautiful oven but I have a bunch of new skills too. Customer phone support was deluxe.

I ordered a P85, which was delivered in a massively built crate that contained everything from the necessary fiberglass handling gloves to a box of tacks to the massive concrete dome pieces.

Construction took us a month of on and off work and was hugely enjoyable – the combination of the instructions and videos worked well and thoughtful things like the float used to shape the dome enabled us to get to a professional looking final product. The company has been extremely responsive to questions and now I’m hoping to get the chance to build one of their brick ovens!

Had lots of fun building it and the kit is very well engineered. A credit to you.

I highly recommend the Fire Brick Company. The YouTube Videos especially, combined with the comprehensive instructions made the build easy for an outstanding oven that will stand for many years to come. If I had any enquiries along the way Ben and the team were always available to assist.

Ben kept true to his and his teams word about calling up if I had any questions. I’d say i called more than they thought I would, never once was I made to feel as if I was a drainer, oh by the way our D105 what a gem.

Can’t recommend these guys enough! I was a little hesitant at first, as I’m the least handiest guy on the planet. However, thought I’d give it a crack. The videos they have produced are super helpful and I’m pumped that I completed the oven by watching each and every one of them closely. Followed them step by step and the end result looks and works great.

Have used the oven about 50 times now and the pizzas are perfect. I’ve also done a few slow roasts (10-12 hours) and they taste amazing. I nuked the first two chunks of meat as I got used to cooking in it – but it was uphill from there!

Thanks to the team for making it possible and easy to build. My wife said my ‘handy rating’ has gone from -16 to +30 because of it.

The P85 precast kit assembled easily and the instructions are very clear. The most difficult task for my wife and I who are both at the upper end of our sixth decade was lifting the archway entrance; but with ingenuity and patience we managed this task without a hitch. If we had a 3rd set of hands it would be a cinch. We are very happy with the results. Looking forward to our first wood fired pizza party in a few weeks.

I’m a stonemason of 24 years experience I was asked to put a p85 kit together for a client. This kit is going together seamlessly and the videos are on point… Exceptional product ! Well done. I will happily point anyone in your direction whenever I get enquiries for masonry ovens.

Howdy from South Texas Y’all !!! Excellent Customer Service, excellent Product, arrived in a timely manner and was VERY WELL PACKAGED!

This kit kit comes with everything you will need with the exception of Lime, Fine Sand, and Portland cement. Instructions, videos etc are very well detailed and if you every need help or have a question they are one phone call away!

The process was great from the very first contact to the building. All the support, the tracking from Melbourne to San José , Costa Rica, and of course the Oven was as expected…GREAT !!!

Absolutely fantastic blokes to deal with, the kits are awesome to build and all the major thinking has been done for you. Fantastic kits with a fantastic finish. Couldn’t rate them highly enough.

It was a great summer project that was most satisfying!! The instruction videos were crystal clear and gave excellent hints and tips stage by stage, so good you expected them to produce our first pizza!! The oven works brilliantly and is an added attraction!

I built a #D130 for a customer.

I have never experienced such amazing customer service like I got from the team at The Fire Brick Company. I called a few times during the build process to clarify a couple of points. The end product speaks for itself – beautiful finish and I had the pleasure to enjoy the food out of it the other day and my mouth is still watering.

Thanks very much – I think its time to order and build myself one.

Their WFO brick kits are genius. The instructions are clear. Customer support is fantastic. This is a worthwhile purchase.

Have to add to my review – Not just for pizza. I made the best Thanksgiving Turkey ever. There is nothing you can’t cook in these ovens.

Live in the USA and getting my pizza oven kit was without any problems. Love the kit love the service.

If you’re looking to get a wood oven this is the place to get it. The quality of the product is amazing and very well thought out. These ovens are easy enough for anyone to build and Ben is always available to chat if you need any help. Definitely one of the most professional companies I have dealt with.

Went beyond the call of duty. Beyond amazing!!!!!

What can I say! The best Wood Fired Oven ever, from someone who has had them for 35 years. Thanks Ben!

Fantastic product and fantastic man to deal with. He is passionate about his design and product which shows in its quality.

I am thrilled with the project and how it has come together.  Really proud of my work, and thanks to your great directions, videos and pre-cut kit, I feel like I’ve learned heaps in the process. I was so happy with your product and service.

Looked at many and very happy with my choice and loved building it.

My family love coming over when for tea and we do breakfast next morning well done guys.

So far so good. 1/2 way through a self build of a 105. Seriously it feels like we have bought a great big Lego kit with everything we need, video instructions and expert advise a phone call away. Loving the experience.

I would sell a lefty for one on these bad boys! I love my cooking but this takes it to the next level. Ben is the man to see if you are serious about having a “Top of the range” oven at your place. This is what dreams are made of and you will not regret one second of your purchase.

The research and development that has gone into designing these ovens is second to none they look great in the yard and the food that comes out is beautiful.

A great combo of professionalism and passion! Love your work!

The oven I got from these guys is AWESOME! The best!

Great product and even better service. Thank you.

D105 Pizza Oven was delivered to Sydney without any problems whatsoever. Everything included was professionally packed on the pallet and to a very high quality and standard. Great communication. Looking forward to getting this oven built!

The experience I had building my oven was one of satisfaction and fun. Having never laid a brick in my life, the task seemed daunting, however, with the help of Ben and Marcus getting the oven safely home and finally being able to slide my first pizza in, I would happily recommend The Fire Brick Company to anyone.

I purchased my first D105 about 2 years ago from The Fire brick company, and can only praise the company’s efficiency and help from shipping to end of construction, always very helpful with constructive advice.

The first oven (Mark 1) is situated in Hervey Bay and included an extension of the outdoor area with 200mm posts from African Ironwood , which were salvaged from oil installation platforms in Nigeria, submerged in saltwater for over 30 years.  The front of the oven posts is the same wood, the top surround tiled with high gloss Italian porcelain tiles, dome painted with acrylic paint, sides of the oven stand tiled same as the outdoor area floor with Himalayan sandstone.

After relocating to Victoria Point, south of Brisbane, we planned the second D105 brick oven where details were discussed in detail with Ben, including flue gallery and flue kit. When planning the oven stand it was extended in length to give more space for pizza trays, wine glasses etc.

The construction went as smooth as Mark 1 , while generous advice was given by The Fire Brick Company. Side walls are again tiled with remainder of our Himalayan Sandstone, two posts in the front African Ironwood and landing is tiled with Australian Granite tiles and the dome tiled with Mexican, hand-painted  “Tallavera tiles” with about 30 different motifs in the oven dome.

The D105 is a beautiful piece of engineering which keeps the temperature for at least two days, (fired on Sunday afternoon, on Monday it would be down to 220 C, on Tuesday evening down to 150C). We are enjoying the oven with family and friends and baking pizza, roasts, camp oven stew and organic Sourdough Rye bread.

I cannot praise The Fire brick company more, would recommend them to anybody, great instructions, brilliant and friendly support, great design.

Hi Ben thanks for your assistance and a great product, very easy to put together and looks great when finished.

I just wanted to drop a note to you to let you know how much I have appreciated the information and help that you have provided as we have built our pizza oven.  Most of the information we have found on your extremely helpful and engaging YouTube videos thank you so much, also for the help and advice offered to my husband when he visited you last month. I am sure we will be purchasing from you again in the future.

After a lot of deliberation about what I would tackle as my next DIY project I settled on one that would give me the greatest return over the longest period. My wife was supportive of me finding something fast, as she knows better than I that I need to keep myself busy with something or I end up driving everyone mad!!

I need to say that I like to do a lot of pre-investigative work before I commit to large project. I scan the internet looking for tips, advice or recommendations. In this case I am glad that I stumbled across The Fire Brick Company website and quickly navigated to the short instructional videos. I immediately decided that these guys were leading the pack. But as I said earlier, just looking at one on the computer wasn’t good enough, so I went to the distribution centre in Hallam to ask a few more questions. There I was met by Ben and we chatted for about half an hour about their products. I was hooked.

A couple of weeks later I took possession of my D105 kit!

One of the key decisions was where to locate the oven. Because of the unusual shape of our building allotment and the location of our outdoor dining area, we decided to build it where it was easy to access. It just so happens that it is where everyone can see it as they go past.

The base was made from hollow concrete building blocks as per the easy to follow instructional plans. I thought I would modify the footprint by adding an extra half block wide and half block longer than recommended. This was probably my biggest challenge because as I found out the hard way, the form ply comes in standard sizes, and the size of the gap following my brilliant idea suddenly wasn’t standard!! All it meant was that I had to buy bigger sheets than what I needed to if I had followed the plan, and cut them to suit. No great drama…

Working only on weekends and waiting for the concrete to cure, the base probably took three weekends to finish. I even managed to stack some wood into the base before the oven was built. This was because the wood collection area was about to close in the nearby forest, so I had to ensure I was ready for the winter.

Once the base was completed I then jumped into the main construction. I would read the downloadable plans the night before and then watch the instructional videos to confirm my understanding of what the next steps were. On a couple of occasions I actually stopped mid work to run the video again so that I reminded myself how certain bricks around the entry arch etc were positioned. This I found to be extremely valuable.

Over the following weeks I continued to toil away bit-by-bit. My wife would remind me that “it was a project that was intended to keep me busy for more than just one weekend”. I made particular note to clean up the oven at the end of each day to ensure that I wouldn’t have a mess the following day; or the following weekend after it had set.

As the rows of bricks went down I became increasing worried that I wouldn’t have enough mortar; so I started to be over particular with how liberal I was with it. The funny thing was, when I finished the dome I found a whole second bag that must have misplaced; so hadn’t needed to worry after all! The amount of materials provided in the kit are spot on; and where you need to be careful about the use of any of the products, you are reminded so in the instructions.

Another challenge was the rendering of the dome. Not because it was difficult, but because I knew that I was close to the finish line and I wanted to smell pizza. Unusually though for me, I resisted the temptation to put it all on in one go to speed up the process. So over five days (two and half weekends) I slowly built up to the recommended thickness.

It was an exciting day when I was able to start the curing fires. I made sure that it was after work one night so that anyone driving past could witness the event. My neighbours refer to the oven as the “temple”. They are probably right!

A couple of coats of “Classic Cream” acrylic render finish on the dome and my place of worship was completed.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. It was a project that went smoothly all the way through. If it didn’t, it was because you didn’t follow the easy to read instructions; which can bring event the best bike assemblers unstuck on Christmas morning!!

The team at The Fire Brick Co are a great bunch of guys who have confidence in their product; and rightly so too. When I first met Ben at the Hallam distribution centre he told me two things that were important to in my decision making:

  1. As I was tossing up whether to go for the D105 (middle size) or the D130 (large) he advised that he “spends half an hour talking people out of the larger oven if it is for home use as it takes longer to heat up”. Even though he acknowledged that they would gain from the sale of the larger oven, he wanted to ensure that I, the consumer, was happy with the end result.
  2. He also said “that while their ovens weren’t the cheapest, they were the best”. My experience has taught me that good, reliable support and information is invaluable. Therefore I believe that I have installed the best product at a price that equals or betters inferior ovens on the market.

I cannot recommend the oven kits made by the Melbourne Fire Brick Company more highly. We will be enjoying our oven for many years to come.

Thanks again for all of your assistance. I will certainly be an advocate for your ovens in my area.

The ovens from Melbourne Firebrick Co not only look really beautiful, but they are so easy to set up and get it all going. The oven is very well insulated – we were able to cook pizzas, breads and focaccia continuously for hours in the afternoon, and then cook breakfast pizzas in it the next morning. The pizzas were as good as from a pizzeria – crispy base and a bubbling chewy crust in a matter of minutes. The support from the team was second to none and were on hand to assist with any queries. As a cook, I would highly recommend their ovens for your home – they are easy to use and produce wonderful results.

Ben and his team at The Melbourne Fire Brick Company are absolute proof that when you can blend your passion with your work life the enthusiasm it generates sells the product effortlessly. My wife and I have had our D105 Pizza Oven since May and already it’s paid for itself in fun, enjoyment and good food so it’s high time I expressed my appreciation and gratitude to the team.In late November last year having planned and begun foundations for a Pizza Oven which I was planning to purchase pre built from Hardware Chain, something was just not feeling right about the investment so I went online and quickly found The Fire Brick Company. Immediately I was sold by Ben’s natural enthusiasm and no hard sell and compared to anything I’d seen the ovens were truly a thing of beauty. The after sales service is equally fantastic and the equipment Ben has sourced particularly the tools are such brilliant quality to compliment the investment. So to anyone reading this I’d say if you are in the market for a Pizza Oven buy from The Fire Brick Company.As spring approaches I can’t begin to tell you the amount of joy we’re getting out of going to the Dandenong Market buying fresh produce and how lucky we feel to be connected to our wonderfully multicultural community all there with a love of food and family. That’s enough in itself but now we arrive home to our traditional oven as centrepiece to our back yard, build a fire, open a good bottle of red wine and feel more that a little bit connected to Italy. We truly are the lucky country to live in a country that has welcomed such diversity into our community over the last 60 years  and maybe it’s Pizza Ovens that will help the community realise that’s got to be Australia’s future as well.Thanks to all the team.

The Fire Brick Company supplied us with exceptional customer service. Even though the building process is straight forward, my daily calls were always answered and professionally handled.

If you are wanting to build your own wood fired pizza oven The Melbourne Fire Brick Company is the way to go. Ben is so enthusiastic and passionate about his products that is refreshing to see. He is always ready to help if you have questions and is always ready to receive feedback.

When my wife and i decided to replace our old faithful BBQ with a wood fired oven, we didn’t quite realise the number of manufacturers/importers that where available. Countless hours of research and I found my self always coming back to The Fire Brick Co range of ovens.

However, I was facing a dilemma in that the smallest oven in the range was still to big for the space I had available. I rang and spoke to the sales manager Adam who told me that they where indeed working on a new precast model (the P85) that was smaller than the others, but was still many weeks away from being released.

I wanted it now and after a little coaxing  Adam and Ben (The Proprietor) agreed and a few weeks later our “little brat” roared to life. Both Ben and Adam were great, assisting me with answers to any questions I had along the way and it all came together with relative ease.

While he may lack the physical size of his big brothers it certainly lacks nothing in its ability to get up to and hold temperature. From great pizza’s to roasts and slow cooking this little fella does the lot with ease.

If you are in the market for a wood fired oven but are maybe put off by the size of the bigger ovens then the P85 is worth consideration.

Thanks again for your wonderful D95 DIY kit and superb customer service. Oh forno a legna. Means wood oven in Italian. I’ve done pizzas, roasts, bread, awesome banana bread and am waiting for the oven to cool for 18hr ribeye. This oven has brought so much fun and pleasure, it makes me want a new house just so I can build another oven.

Thanks Ben for your pre-cut wood fired oven kit.  It made the work to build the oven so much easier than I would have thought possible, although took a lot longer than the three days you can build one in! However, with the help of family and friends it happened and your detailed instructions, videos and willingness to answer questions on the phone certainly helped. It has become a favourite focal point for family and friends on the new back deck that was built as part of this project.

After 5 years of research and untold e-mails back and forth to Ben I knew I had found the perfect oven.  But, with winters sometimes at minus 30° F, I knew I was gonna have to build a fortress!  And that’s what my friend Carl and his crew did.  Might be “DIY” on steroids, but I have baked in temperatures of 4° F and managed 60 second pizzas (12 of them)!  We nicknamed the oven “Bruno”!

P85. A great oven.  Easy to build if you take your time, read and re read and then read again the instructions.  There is a lot of satisfaction in creating the end product which is admired by your friends (in wonderment and disbelief that YOU actually built it).

We are thrilled with our Fire Brick Company Fourno, and it has become a real feature of the backyard. It is a piece of art in more ways than one!!

We have used it to create, and enjoy amazing food, infused with the beautiful flavours of redgum. It has proved very versatile from conventional pizza making, to slow cooking of meats and vegetables. More recently we have cooked amazing fish meals, and experimented with flame grilled steaks.

The P85 is an ideal size, not too large which makes it easy to fire up, and still plenty of space for the food!!

A great focal point for social gatherings – and bringing of friends and family together.

The fact I am building my second oven a P85 (previously built a D95) says everything you need to know about the Fire Brick Co.  I did months of research into wood fired ovens from all over the world (just ask my family) with the FBC high quality Australian designed and made products second to none.  The FBC outstanding online resources and exceptional after sale support make the process of designing and building your oven easy even for an inexperienced DIY.  The FBC ovens are that good I will always have one in my backyard even if it means building a 3rd, 4th or 5th oven.

From start to finish, The Fire Brick Co were brilliant to work with. Helpful when choosing, easy to follow videos and a brilliant range of accessories to top it off. They answered my queries throughout. My D95 oven is all I’d hoped. It is easy to use, but extremely versatile. I use it for grilling, roasting, slow cooking and smoking and have great fun every time I light it. I love planning what I am going to cook, sometimes starting with some seafood, then steak and veggies before leaving a shoulder of lamb to cook overnight. If I had to buy another one, I’d buy that one again.

The oven was initially going to be just an external fireplace, something to warm your toes in front of. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to include something that I could actually do something with. Something to involve friends, family and neighbors. Something that people would naturally gravitate to.

I chose your oven after a little research because I thought it was one that would match my ability, would look fabulous in my garden and wasn’t a compromise product. I thought I could have depended on your after sales service (which i did) and hoped that you would support me during construction for any “I’m-lost” moments (which you did).

I hadn’t put one brick on top of another prior to this project. I wanted this oven to be a living part of my family’s life, a place that they will go to do things together. I wanted it to work for a range of ages to use. I am looking forward to the time when grand-children squirm past my legs as they dive into their cushion-filled cubby with a plate of crisp lamb, salad, fetta and other Cornish-blessed goodies.

I am happy that my mind is still building, adding, planning, expanding, innovating and improving the oven and that it’s not really a project I can walk away from yet. And I am very, very happy to have made the right choice when I purchased this oven from you nearly two years ago.